Easy Ways To Keep a New Bike New!

 Baby It.  Like all machines, a bicycle will work best and last a long time if it's used with some respect.  Sure, a mountain bike is used for hard riding, but that doesn't mean it's OK to trash it.  With practice you'll learn to "ride light," getting off the saddle in rough terrain to let your flexed knees and elbows absorb the beating that otherwise would be concentrated on the wheels and frame.  This is just as important on a road bike when riding over broken pavement, railroad tracks, etc.  When it's necessary to jump obstacles, make the landing soft by again absorbing the blow with bent legs and arms.  Don't run head on into anything until you develop the ability to lift the front wheel first, then shift weight forward to lighten rear impact.  Make gear changes only when you have light or moderate pressure on the pedals, thereby reducing the chance of drive train damage or excessive wear.  Prevent skids so you save wheels and tires (as well as the environment when riding off road)  And try to limit crashing, which all too often results in bent or broken parts.


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