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So you need to get your trusty rusty fixed up or your rig serviced? Whatever you call your bike, be it your pride and joy or simply the get-to-work machine, we can help you out.

No need to ask for the mechanic, we are all workshop first and sales second, you donít get to play at Hub if you canít spin a spanner!

Seriously though, as long as you book we run a same day repair service guaranteed.* .

Even if you havenít booked we will do our best to get you going. We use a computer based booking system to manage jobs, eliminate double booking, missed repairs, stress and general chaos.

Below is a sample of our most popular service options, please contact us for any other jobs or requests.

*Same day repairs will be subject to parts availability, but we do stock a huge range of bits and pieces.


SAFTEY CHECK   (Mini Tune-up)   $49.95

Basic check and adjustment of bike for safe use.

  • Frame wiped

  • All major fixings checked

  • Brake and gears checked and adjusted

  • Hubs and headset adjusted

  • Cables and Chain lube

  • Tyres pumped

This service is only a check of the bikes condition overall and does not include the disassembly and inspection of bearings. Parts needed will be at additional cost and increased labour.


GENERAL SERVICE    (Minor Tune-up)  $59.95

Complete check and adjustment on bike

  • Frame Wiped

  • All major fixings checked

  • Headset and bottom bracket checked

  • Brakes adjusted for wear pivots lube, pads cleaned. (disc rotors trued, calliper cleaned and adjusted)

  • Wheels trued, hubs checked

  • Gear cables and derailleur pivots lube and alignment checked

  • Chain wiped and oiled

  • Tyre inspected and pumped

Parts needed will be at additional cost and possibly increased labour.



Our most popular service like a birthday for your bike, aim is to extend the durability of your drive system!

As per General service with a complete strip and degrease of the drive. Chain is cleaned in a three stage process in a chain bath before re lube. Cassette and crankset removed and cleaned in parts washer. Derailleur cleaned and degreased on bike.

Parts needed will be at additional cost and possibly increased labour.


FULL SERVICE   (Complete Overhaul )   $199.95

As the name suggests this is the full works burger!
Its birthday and Christmas all at once for your bike our aim is to return your machine to you in as close to new condition as possible

  • Bike is completely disassembled and rebuilt except for suspension forks or shocks.

  • Frame is striped, cleaned and given a coat of polish.

  • Any tarnished parts are also polished.

  • All bearings are disassembled and ball bearings replaced. (we include the replacement of any ball bearings on the bike)

  • Shifter controls are inspected and cleaned and lube as ness

  • Wheels are cleaned hubs striped and freehubs oiled

  • Suspension linkages are removed and cleaned

Parts needed will be at additional cost but no labour increase.


WHEEL BUILDING     From $45.00

Wheels can be built in your choice of spokes and nipples.
All wheels include a free check after a couple of rides and we guarantee our builds for two years to be free of defect.
All wheels are supplied balanced with tyre and tube accounted for.

  • Front or rear MTB or Road    $75.00

  • Front or rear BMX (+36H)     $59.00

  • Spoke replacement from       $29.00

  • Truing from                        $25.00


PUNCTURES     $12.00

To keep it simple we always replace a tube rather than find the puncture! It saves you and us time and guarantees that the tyre will be fixed.

This price is the same for tyre fitting, tube replacing, front or rear, in of out of the bike, all one price.


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